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Fresh out of LA, Sean2 Miles hails as not only a multi-genre producer and sound engineer, but also an artist, studio owner and business man. He has achieved a riveting overseas career; boasting a huge portfolio of work including collaborations with household names, mega artists and other super producers.


Originally from Farmhaven, Mississippi, Sean2 Miles took the leap to Los Angeles in 2008 to carve out the beginnings of his music career. Upon graduating from the Los Angeles Recording School, Miles began to develop his musical style and travel the world booking not only domestic opportunities but also international ones.


In a short amount of time, Miles successfully achieved more than four #1 records to his catalogue and has dropped three projects thus far: ‘Heartaches & Turn Ups’ (album), ‘Farmhaven’ (EP) and ‘Double Lit Double It’ (joint album with Daniel Curtis Lee); in 2018 and 2020 respectively. ‘Heartaches & Turn Ups’ lives up to its name with beautifully crafted, introspective, deep-diving songs fused with racy and uninhibited tracks that bring out Miles’ versatile talents as an artist and producer. The album tells the story of pain from a first love and the redemption process that leads to recovery. Meanwhile, ‘Farmhaven’ pays homage to Miles’ Southern roots by showcasing his lively acoustic blend of R&B-inspired, Hip-Hop infused and authentic Blues sound. And in continuation, ‘Double Lit Double It’ speaks to the climb back to the top, being the best version of self and creating success in the process.


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Miles is not only skilled behind the panels and the microphone, he also has made multiple appearances on Bravo’s reality show ‘Vanderpump Rules’ through his music and video production work with various cast members. Sean2’s sound is universal and has captured the ears (and hearts) of many across the globe. This has been displayed in his various works all over the world, from Japan to Brazil to a sound engineering residency in Las Vegas, working with some of the biggest shows and acts on the strip as well as performing alongside Snoop Dogg on the opening dates of his 2019/2020 tour.


Unfiltered, unorthodox and genius, the only direction is up for Sean2 Miles as he reaches dizzy heights with new projects in the pipeline, a new album on the way and unforgettable shows and collaborations to still be seen.

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