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CuhDeeJah is a Los Angeles native and product of a Sierra Leonean mother and a Chicagoan father. CuhDeeJah can be heard rapping about female empowerment and making money moves. With CuhDeeJah being a young artist and a mother, there is no losing for her. Her motto "It Can Be Done" can be exemplified in all aspects of her life, both professionally and personally. This is especially true through her priority of motherhood, as successful careers and motherhood both demand time, dedication and committment. In CuhDeeJah's eyes, being a mother is number one so the time she has to dedicate to her career has to be perfectly executed. CuhDeeJah is a firm believer that once all the biases against women are dismantled, the playing field becomes leveled and woman and take a free (and equal) place in society. CuhDeeJah looks forward to where the direction of her platform will take her and how to positively impact the world her and her child occupies.


Thus far, CuhDeeJah has collaborated and performed with Mega-Producer Sean2 Miles, American Rapper Blueface and R&B Singer Paschan. CuhDeeJah's debut single "Blue Racks" featuring Blueface has been streamed nearly half a million times since it's recent  release and has been featured on BET, MTV and other prominent networks all while starting her music career under the 2 Miles Ahead label and brand.

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