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Matthew "BAMM" Quinney & Carlos "LOS" Jenkins form the production duo, Tha Hitbangaz. Beginning their careers in a Boy band at the age of 16, Tha Hitbangaz have created a bond & more importantly, a sound that has been developed over the past 15 years together. Following the career of one of their biggest musical inspirations, Jimmy Jam & Terry lewis, Tha Hitbangaz inspired to have a career just like the one they had studied as teens. Growing up in Compton, CA; both Bamm & Los used music as a tool to escape from what sometimes could be considered a dangerous atmosphere. At an early age, Tha Hitbangaz focused their time on perfecting how to do everything from producing, writing, vocal production, engineering, & mixing records. Tha Hitbangaz have held several #'1 records internationally with Multiple Gold & Platinum certifications. In 2011, Tha Hitbangaz were asked to write the theme song for the official Michael Jackson tribute tour with the prestigious Jackson 5 & Japanese Icon; A.I. This song earned Tha Hitbangaz their first international #1 , which led to numerous successful collaborations with some of that territories top artist.

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